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PTR Foundation sends Scholarship Funds & youth tennis Equipment
for 8 Basic Schools in Kingston, Jamaica

This month the PTR Foundation helped support the Phillip and Christine Gore Foundation. The Gores recognize the value of tennis as a means to help underprivileged Jamaican youngsters gain a better education. The Gores ensure that as many Jamaican children as possible receive a good, sound and solid education while improving their health and welfare. The program uses tennis as one if its main tools to prepare Jamaican school children for their education and their lives - teaching hand/eye coordination, positive social interaction, self-esteem, self-control and concentration; plus, it is new to the students, active and fun!

PTR Foundation sent  

  • $2,500 in scholarship funds and
  • over $2,000 in HEAD Penn youth equipment including….
    • Portable Tennis Nets 
    • Dozens of Youth Racquets
    • Transition Balls
    • Throw Down Lines, Court Tape and Targets
    • Educational Training Booklets

PTR knows that participating in a sport like tennis at an early age not only helps the body physically, but it also helps the brain to develop in areas such as problem-solving and critical thinking. Tennis is an ideal way for students to begin to gain the mind-set and skills that will help them as they make their way through the educational system then head out into life. The sport also provides a direct pathway to a university education for these youngsters.

You can Make a World of Difference by donating to the PTR Foundation for programs such as these. Donate TODAY or put a donation in with your annual membership dues. Thanks for your support.


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