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Coaching your Club Teams to Greatness
with Scott Mitchell

From the PTR International Symposium

In this presentation, Scott Mitchell discusses the most important aspects of coaching great club teams. He shows you how to coach your club teams to play consistent tennis throughout their season. He gives coaches an understanding of best run practices and how to structure those practices to optimize your time with your players.

Scott speaks about subjects such as communication, patterns of play, covering the court and different styles of play. One of the most important aspects of the game is the transition game and Scott believes coaches aren't focusing enough time on this portion of the game. He discusses patterns of play when transitioning forward along with variations such as direction, spin, speed and trajectory. Coming forward shouldn't be so hard for club players if done correctly.

Scott also covers the two "P's", how and when your teams should poach, how to cover the court in doubles as well as a few important drills you can do with your teams. The great teams come to the court with a plan of action and three objectives; where to serve, where to return and an intangible. Listen to Scott explain what the best teams do to consistently win at any level of play.


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