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PTR is proud to announce our Alumni Association. The PTR Alumni Association is open only to those who are not actively teaching who have been PTR members for at least 10 years and 65 or older.

PTR Alumni Association is a way for not actively teaching PTR members to maintain a relationship and continue to be part of the “PTR family” at a cost that is affordable. It’s an avenue for members to donate money over and above the base dues and receive a tax deduction.

Contributions made to PTR Alumni Association will be pooled to promote education leading to certification for tennis coaches worldwide for underrepresented populations such as young tennis coaches, women and diverse populations. Alumni funds collected will also sponsor mentoring program named in honor of Dennis Van der Meer.

PTR Alumni members will be listed on the PTR Website. Click here for List.

PTR Alumni Association Membership Options:

  • Membership contributions will carry two options:
    • Annual membership in PTR Alumni Association
    • Lifetime membership in PTR Alumni Association
  • The annual membership levels are based on four proposed levels for one year of giving:
    • Bronze $25 per year (base dues are not tax deductible)
    • Silver $26 to $249 (Subscription to TennisPro with $55 or more)
    • Gold $250 to $499 (adidas PTR Alumni collared shirt - $75 value)
    • Platinum $500 and up (adidas PTR Alumni warm-up - $150 value)
  • The Lifetime membership are also be based on four proposed levels of giving:
    • Bronze $300 (base dues are not tax deductible)
    • Silver $2,500 (subscription to TennisPro with $950 or more)
    • Gold $5,000 (annual PTR Alumni collared shirt - $75 value/year)
    • Platinum $10,000 and up (annual adidas PTR Alumni warm-up - $150 value/yr.)

Any portion of the donation over the basic Alumni dues ($25 or $55) is tax deductible

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can a current PTR member who is 65 & over and has been members for 10 years, but are not retired, be part of the PTR Alumni Association?
    • No, this membership category is for not actively teaching PTR members

  • Besides membership in the world’s largest organization of tennis coaches and staying part of the “PTR family”, what benefits do I get?
    • Digital copy of TennisPro magazine or hard copy with $55 or more dues
    • Discounts that apply to all full members (HEAD, adidas, Ashaway, etc.)
    • PTR Alumni Association membership card (no certificate)
    • Receive the PTR member rate on educational events
    • PTR Alumni Association members are listed on the PTR Website


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