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Safe Sport was started by the United States Olympic Committee to ensure that the training and competitive environment in sport is safe and secure, especially for children. The USOC has asked every National Governing Body of sport to join this effort.

PTR, USPTA and the USTA are teaming up to raise awareness and provide tools and assistance. The areas of focus are:

Sexual Misconduct, including Child Sexual Abuse
Emotional Misconduct
Physical Misconduct

The links above are to the USOC Safe Sport website.

Get Involved

Follow these steps to help prevent misconduct where you teach tennis.

By creating and maintaining policies governing behavior between adults/athletes and athletes/athletes, you and your facility will communicate clearly what is acceptable - as well as what is unacceptable - behavior.

Sample best practice sheet on behavior
Sample electronic communication policy

Develop a rigorous process for hiring staff and obtaining volunteers, including background checks and pre-employment screening. In addition, during the interview process, talk about your policies and guidelines for governing behavior and how they are enforced. This simple step alerts a predator to go elsewhere.

Provide training and education to adults, athletes, volunteers and parents on the policies governing behavior, what to look for, and how to report misconduct.

Observe interactions between adults/athletes and athletes/athletes and react appropriately to reinforce the policies. Always provide clear expectations for appropriate behavior. It is our responsibility to protect our children.

Empower everyone to recognize warning signs. Make reporting channels clear and accessible. Establish clear responsibilities on how to respond to reports of abuse.

For a PDF outlining these steps click here.

The following organizations offer guidance.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline

• Watch their short video Report Child Sexual Abuse

Stop It Now!

National Children's Advocacy Centers

Take the Training

The USOC offers a 90 minute online course regarding misconduct in sport and the measures we can take to protect athletes and coaches.

See how you can . . . Make a World of Difference.


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