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Steps to Certification

Step 1: Become a Full PTR Member

• Call PTR Headquarters at 843-785-7244 or
• Submit an online application including payment or
• Fax a completed application form to 843-686-2033 or
• Scan and email a completed application form to or
• Mail a completed application form to PTR, PO Box 4739, Hilton Head Island SC 29938

Note: It is very important to join PTR as a Full Member prior to attending a certification workshop to give the time necessary to study and prepare for certification testing.

Step 2: Select your Certification Pathway

Select your initial Level 1 certification. Choose one: 10 & Under, 11 to 17, Performance, Adult Development or Senior Development.

Step 3: Register and complete Coach Youth Tennis

Step 4: Register for a Certification Workshop

To be eligible to take the PTR Certification tests, members are recommended to attend the PTR Level 1 Certification Workshop (10 & Under, 11 to 17, Performance, Adult Development or Senior Development). At the completion of the workshop, certification testing will be administered.

Workshops are held frequently throughout the US and around the world. Consult our Workshop Schedules for locations near you. PTR workshops are added on a weekly basis, and if you have a site that has four or more people interested in getting certified, we will schedule a workshop at your facility. To host a PTR workshop, please contact Brian Parkkonen at 843-785-7244 or email

Step 5: Study and Prepare for the Certification Test

Upon receipt of your application, membership fees and workshop registration PTR will send you information via email link to access study materials for the workshop and certification testing. Please thoroughly review the materials several times prior to attending the certification workshop.

Step 6: Pass the PTR Certification Test

To become PTR Certified you must pass all PTR Certification Tests. The highest certification rating is Professional, followed by Instructor, then Associate Instructor. Your overall certification rating is the lowest of your test scores.

For example, if you score Professional on four tests and Instructor on one, your overall rating will be Instructor.

You may retest on any or all of the tests 60 days after your most recent testing date. Retesting fees will apply. You are allowed to keep all of the scores that you are satisfied with while retesting only those that you wish to improve. Should you score lower on a retest, then your original score is kept.

The PTR Certification process combines a basic, fundamental teaching style with a standardized test. Testers provide grades and PTR reviews the results and determines final ratings to help ensure that each member is treated equally and fairly.

Once you have passed all tests, you become a certified member in the world’s largest organization of tennis teachers and coaches.


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