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PTR members are some of the most active in the tennis industry when it comes to seeking new information and furthering their knowledge of the game. Taking the time and effort to become a better teacher, coach, tennis director or manager should be recognized as a career advancement.

PTR Merit Achievement Program (MAP) provides support for members who continue to develop professionally. 

The purpose of the MAP Program is to:

  • encourage PTR members to continuously upgrade their skills and knowledge
  • enhance PTR members’ career paths by providing recognition for educational activities
  • provide an additional rating designation, indicating to students and employers that members are active in industry trends and teaching techniques
  • recognize PTR members who continue to . . . Make a World of Difference

The Merit Achievement Program is divided into two rating categories:

  • MAP Ratings: 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A and 5A
  • Master Professional

MAP Ratings

MAP ratings allow PTR members to supplement their current certification rating with 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A and 5A levels of professional development. Members who have raised their standard through workshops, courses, conferences, degree programs or other educational activities, will be recognized for their dedication to improving professionally. Every certified member of PTR (Associate Instructor, Instructor, Professional) is eligible to participate in the program.

To qualify for the additional rating, members must meet specific requirements (MAP points). Once the point requirement is fulfilled and verified, members will be issued a certificate indicating their continued involvement in professional development.

The requirement is met through a point system. Requirements for each level of professional development are:

  • 1A - Requires a minimum of 30 MAP points
  • 2A - Requires a minimum of 60 MAP points
  • 3A - Requires a minimum of 90 MAP points
  • 4A - Requires a minimum of 120 MAP points
  • 5A - Requires a minimum of 250 MAP points

For example, a member who has a Professional rating and has completed 60 points will carry the rating PROFESSIONAL 2A. An Associate Instructor who has completed 90 points will carry the rating ASSOCIATE INSTRUCTOR 3A. These ratings will appear on a member’s certificate upon renewal the following year.

Obtaining & Verifying MAP Points

MAP points are obtained by attending educational activities and events. To verify your points, you must provide documented confirmation of attendance and participation in each educational activity. The preferred documentation would be a certificate (copy acceptable) received from the event. Other possible means to confirm attendance may be the official name badge from the event or a letter confirming attendance. Brochures of events will not be considered as confirmation of attendance.

Educational courses, workshops and conferences receive points.

  • One day conferences (6 or more hours) may earn as many as 2 points.
  • Courses that are fewer than 20 hours earn 5 MAP points each.  Professional
  • Courses that are 20+ hours in length receive 10 MAP points.
  • PTR International Tennis Symposium is worth 15 points.
  • Master of Tennis participants will receive 30 points upon program completion.

Acceptable MAP Activities

The following is a list of activities/events that may be used to complete MAP rating professional development requirements. This is not a complete list and there may be additional activities that will qualify for point credit.
• PTR Conferences/Workshops: Junior, Adult and Performance Certification Workshops; Master of Tennis Programs (Junior, Adult and Performance); Instructing Wheelchair Tennis; all Professional Development courses offered at vaious symposia; Professional Development Weekend or Tennic Club Owners and Facility Managers Conferences.

International tennis symposia, regional symposia, international workshops and conferences.
PTR International Tennis Symposium
• International Tennis Federation (ITF)
All educational courses and workshops conducted for coaches and tennis teachers

• National Tennis Associations and Federations (USTA, LTA, DTB, etc.)
Workshops, conferences, courses and other educational opportunities offered by a country’s recognized tennis organization.

• Other acceptable educational activities offered by:
Intercollegiate Tennis Association, International Heath Racquet & Sportsclub Association, United States Professional Tennis Association, Accredited college or universities, Van der Meer Total TennisUniversity courses
As a general guideline, any educational activity that can further an individual’s knowledge of tennis, the sport sciences, coaching techniques or tennis business skills is acceptable. PTR International Headquarters will have the final determination on every activity.

Look for the MAP or MAP Points logo indicating that an activity is participating in PTR’s Professional Development Program. Please note, however, that many acceptable activities may not display the MAP logo.

Applying for Your MAP Points

Applications for MAP Ratings are available through PTR International Headquarters or as a printable PDF. You will be asked to list all your activities and attach documentation verifying your attendance. Please supply copies of your documents. No materials will be returned.

If your submitted activities are acceptable, you will receive the additional rating designation on your next membership certificate. 

If your submitted activities do not meet the requirement, your application will be returned. You will be given an opportunity to reapply and amend the deficiency.

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