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PTR Week 2014 - PTR Championships

February 17-19

Men's Open Singles        
Clayton Almeida (Florida) def Troy Robinson (North Carolina) 6-1; 6-0  
Men's Open Doubles        
Clayton Almeida (Florida)/
Troy Robinson (North Carolina)
def Jean-Pierre Bajot (France)
/Brijesh Lodha (North Carolina)
6-3; 6-2  
Mixed Open Doubles        
Clayton Almeida (Florida)/
Mimi Emoto (South Carolina)
def Tom Ruth (South Carolina)/
Katie White (South Carolina)
Men's 40 Singles        
Claudiu Munteanu (Romania) def Luis Berrocal (Peru) 6-3; 6-1  
Men's 40 Doubles        
Marc Blouin (Georgia)/
Shirish Deshpande (North Carolina)
def Josh Bates (Arizona)/
Claudiu Munteanu (Romania)
6-3; 6-3  
Men's 50 Singles        
Glenn Sheaffer (South Carolina) def Dag Jonsson (Sweden) 6-4; 6-2  
Men's 50 Doubles        
Tom Jilly (South Carolina)/
Dag Jonsson (Sweden)
def Patrick Child (South Carolina)
/Larry Schnall (Georgia)
6-2; 6-4  
Men's 60 Singles        
Patrick Child (South Carolina) def Jack Barker (South Carolina) 6-0; 6-3  
Men's 60 Doubles        
Hank Iannuzzi (South Carolina)/
Bryce Young (South Carolina)
def Eddie Goodson (South Carolina)/
Tony Green (England)
6-0; 6-0  
Men's 70 Singles        
Fernando Velasco (Texas) def Hank Iannuzzi (South Carolina) 7-6(2); 6-1  
Men's 70 Doubles        
Sam Corso (New York)/
Fernando Velasco (Texas)
def Edvard Raastad (Norway)/
Chandra Sekhar (Maryland)
6-1; 6-1  
Women's 40 Singles        
Carolina Blouin (Georgia) def Sami O'Reilly (Massachusetts) 6-1; 6-1  
Women's 40 Doubles        
Diane Barker (South Carolina)/
Carolina Blouin (Georgia)
    Round Robin  
Women's 55 Singles        
Diane Barker (South Carolina) def Reiko Kagawa (Japan) 6-0; 6-0  
Women's 55 Doubles        
Bobbie Kim (New York)/
Fran Osei (New York)
    Round Robin  
Mixed 40 Doubles        
Josh Bates (Arizona)/
Shelley Humes (South Carolina)
def Dennis Moore (New Jersey)/
Sami O'Reilly (Massachusetts)
Mixed 55 Doubles        
Diane Barker (South Carolina)/
Jack Barker (South Carolina)
def Carol MacLennan (New Jersey)/
Wayne Penniman (Georgia)


New this year - Entry Fee included with Symposium Registration Fee
Deadline: February 10, 2014

If you have already registered for PTR Week and want to ADD the tournament, please call PTR at 843-785-7244
Men's Singles: Open, 40, 50, 60, 70
Men's Doubles: Open, 40, 50, 60, 70
Women's Singles: Open, 40, 55
Women's Doubles: Open, 40, 55
Mixed Doubles: Open, 40, 55

• Play begins Monday, Feb 17 at 9am
• Limited to 32 draw
• Will play at least two rounds on Monday, Feb 17

• Play begins Tuesday, Feb 18 at 9am
• Limited to 16 draw
• Will play at least two rounds on Monday, Feb 18

Mixed Doubles
• Play begins Wednesday, Feb 19 at 9am
• Limited to 16 teams
• Will play at least two rounds on Wednesday, Feb 19
• Must be a current PTR member
• Must be a certified member to compete in singles divisions
• May enter three (3) divisions:
one (1) singles
one (1) doubles
one (1) mixed doubles
• If you do not have a partner for doubles event,
we will attempt to find one for you; however there is no guarantee!!

All matches are the best-of-three sets, with a Match Tiebreak played in lieu of third set.
All events on CLAY
Matches will be played at various locations
NO Transportation Provided

Players are responsible for obtaining match times which will be listed at • Tournamet ID 700015814

Players Party • Tuesday, Feb 18, 6pm
Prizes for Champions

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