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PTR WEEK  2015
Professional Development Courses
Feb 17-23
PTR Week includes some of the best educational opportunities available in the industry. Symposium Registration includes over 40 on-court and classroom presentations on a wide variety topics, including topics of all courses/workshops offered. If you would like more specialized training in an area, we offer professional development courses. You will earn MAP Continuing Education hours for each one you complete. If you are interested in attending any listed, register early as space is limited and they often sell out.
How To Teach The Mental Game
with Dr. Bryce Young and Linda LeClaire
Tuesday, Feb 17 • 6:30pm-9:30pm

For PTR pros seeking a Take Home Mental Training program for their students, this is the course for You! Dr. Bryce Young and Linda LeClaire share 25 years of Mental Coaching experience in a tennis specific program you can teach your juniors and adults. You will learn Mental Toughness drills, teaching the Confidence Factor, how to effectively deal with nervous tension when competing and Daily Mental Game Training. This course provides you a variety of easy to use Mental Game Skills you can teach your students. LeClaire and Young have served as Mental Coaches at all four Grand Slams and teach principles you can apply with your students.

The New Way to Play Doubles
with Leo Alonso
Wednesday, Feb 18 • 3:00pm-6:00pm
Doubles is changing, in this course we will discuss the new tactical/technical skills needed to play doubles at all levels. Taught by Leo Alonso, ATP Touring Coach for the past 7 years.  On court demonstration of the patterns used by the today’s pros on ATP and WTA circuit. Participate in drills to practice the most important situations. Prepare lesson plans to teach these situations to your students.
Strategies & Tactics - The 6 Zones
with Mark Fairchilds
Wednesday, Feb 18 • 6:30pm-9:30pm
The purpose of this course is to understand how IMPORTANT court positioning is in singles and doubles. Course attendees will learn how the 6 Zones work and essential skills to be effective in each of these zones. Key topics include the difference between Modern Doubles and Classic Doubles, the most important zones in doubles, the one drill the top Spanish players do for singles and lastly the one zone to master in singles. The course is a must see if you teach a majority of basic doubles clinics or need to understand how to take the next step in developing your singles players. 
Build Your Own Website
with John MacDonald
Friday, Feb 20 • 2:30pm-5:30pm

In the “Build Your Own Website” course, you will learn everything you need to know to build your own killer website for your tennis business, your club, a rental property you own or any number of other reasons. Instructor John MacDonald guarantees that you'll have at least a good start to your own website plus he'll provide free after the course phone and email support.  The only thing required is a laptop computer.  
How to Train Anticipation at All Levels 
with Conrad Pineau
A lot of coaches think the anticipation is for advance players only. And it’s not true at all! In this course you will learn an anticipation progression in a structured way! It will be interactive with the audience with practical drills. At the end you will have a different way to train tactic.
Friday, February 20 • 5:00pm-8:00pm
How to Manage Your Team for Success
with Doug Cash
Friday, Feb 20 • 6:00pm-9:00pm
The most direct observation of a club's performance is it's statistics. Doug will show you how to know exactly how your tennis department or your club is performing at all times. With his years of experience, he will also show you how to manage your club so that it is always improving --- and if it is not, he'll show you what to do about it. This course is especially beneficial for club managers, tennis directors and pros who want to get into management. The most direct observation of a club's performance is it's statistics. Doug will show you how to know exactly how your tennis department or your club is performing at all times. With his years of experience, he will also show you how to manage your club so that it is always improving --- and if it is not, he'll show you what to do about it. This course is especially beneficial for club managers, tennis directors and also for pros who want to get into management.
An Evidence Based Approach to Effectively Analyzing and Teaching the Serve
with Dr. Mark Kovacs
Friday, February 20 • 6:30pm-9:30pm

Coaches will learn how to best analyze the serve using the 8 Stage Model.  They will understand the role of the kinetic chain in the serve and how to use this information when teaching the serve.   Learn how to fix a bad ball toss, correct a low elbow, correct an ineffective foot position and more.  Learn how to improve upward momentum on the ball and to improve velocity on first and second serves.  Understand why the contact point is not the problem, but the sympotiom
Racquet Stringing
with Eric Burke
Saturday, Feb 21 • 9:00am-12:00pm
Hands-on course to learn all the basics of strings and stringing. Inspecting racquets before stringing and troubleshooting problems that may arise will also be addressed.
Coaching Behaviour - Creating & Developing a Performance Level Environment
with Dr. Anne Pankhurst
Saturday, Feb 21 • 4:00pm-7:00pm
An advanced course to help coaches understand and deliver key behaviors that are known to enhance athletic performance. To help coaches develop quality performance as a reflection of their personal coaching behavior and the use of session content that is goal and development-plan based. Emphasizing the Player-First, Athlete-Centered coaching environment. On court and in the classroom.
Developing Player Performance: both Mentally and Physically
with Pat Etcheberry
Saturday, Feb 21 • 4:30pm-7:30pm
Pat will discuss developing your players' performance , both mentally and physically. Pat will discuss how to ready a player for competition from a physical, strength and conditioning standpoint as well as the very important mental process. You will see how to tie the mental and physical trainings together to increase a players odds of winning more matches.
Modern Learning Strategies for Kids 
with Mike Barrell
Sunday, Feb 22 • 3:00pm-6:00pm
The workshop will look at a variety of ways in which children learn and how you can structure lessons to enhance and promote this. Through over 40 drills and situations the workshop will help you to define your approach to teaching and help you to gain direction. If you are looking for the next step in teaching under 10s then this will provide you with all the tools that you need. The workshop is on-court and experiential and will work on physical, technical, tactical and competitive skill development.
11 to 17 Level 1 Certification
with Brian Parkkonen
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Sunday, Feb 22 - Monday, Feb 23

Tennis Performance Trainer (TPT) Preparation Workshop $199 (from iTPA)
Tuesday, Feb 17 - Wednesday, Feb 18
2-Day In-Person workshop provides 6.5 hours of education per day with both classroom and on-court learning focused on the many different areas of tennis-specific fitness and sport science. Lunch provided. Led by iTPA Master Tennis Performance Specialist, Oliver "Ollie" Stephens. Workshop only is $199. You can register for Preparation Workshop ($199) and register for the Certification itself ($199) for $350 (saving $49) When registering for Certification, you also receive electronic study materials and the test is taken online within 90 days of completing course. Register online with iTPA

Etcheberry Certification
Sunday, Feb 22 - Monday, Feb 23
With Pat Etcheberry's certification program for fitness, strength and conditioning philosophy and techniques, you can teach gifted athletes to become champions. You will be given the tools to promote your new Etcheberry Certified status and possess the training secrets that have been instrumental in making so many Grand Slam champions. This is a two day, hands-on clinic that includes classroom presentations and on-court workout sessions. You will be given an Etcheberry Certification manual prior to your arrival to help you prepare for the clinic. Register in advance at or call 800-382-4717

HPI Mental Toughness Certification Program
Sunday, Feb 22 - Tuesday, Feb 24
The Mental Toughness Certification Program is the official Mental Toughness training program of the United States Tennis Association (USTA), having contributed to the success of top ranked pros and countless junior and adult competitors. A science-based program that helps coaches teach players critical mental skills, the Mental Toughness Certification Program is one of the most highly acclaimed mental training solutions in the tennis world today. Headed by Lorenzo Beltrame, the Mental Toughness Certification Program teaches you the mental coaching skills vital to helping your players perform under pressure, as well as be their best on and off the court. For more information or to register, contact Lorenzo Beltrame at the Human Performance Institute: 407-722-7233 or contact HPI

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