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Denise Agee

Gamechangertennis: Color coded 'Styles of Play'; a New Perspective
Saturday, 2:15 PM

Mark Allen

A Better Model for Developing Female Tennis Players (with Jack Thompson)
Thursday, 11:35 AM

Leo Alonso

How to Teach Tactics & Strategies
Thursday, 10:30 AM

Lance Andersen

Social Media
Friday, 8:00 AM

Claudio Armandi

How to Make Money with 10 & Under Tennis
Thursday, 2:15 PM

Jack Barker

Special Olympics Tennis – Get Involved!
Friday, 4:30 PM

Mike Barrell
courtesy evolve9
Friday, 2:30 PM
Sunday, 10:40 AM 

Tim Bauer

Psychology of Training Elite Performers: Lessons for every coach, player, and parent
Sunday, 10:40 am

Lorenzo Beltrame
courtesy Human Performance Institute
The Most "Comfortable" and Efficient Way To Develop Sound Ground Strokes
Saturday, 8:30 AM

David Benzel
courtesy PTR Foundation
How Great Coaches Think - The Art of Re-Training
Saturday, 11:00 AM

Jay Berger
courtesy USTA
Playing the Right Way
Thursday, 2:15 PM

Eric Burke
courtesy Ashaway
It's All in the String
Saturday, 2:15 PM

Donato Campagnoli
courtesy FIT
Coaching Competencies for the Balanced Tactical Development of 14 & Under Players (with Michelangelo Dell'Edero)
Sunday, 8:30 AM

Jorge Capestany

Developing Tennis IQ - From Ball Striker to Match Winner
Saturday, 3:20 PM

Doug Cash

Sales: What Every Tennis Professional & Director of Tennis Should Know!
Friday, 9:35 AM

Jeff Chandley

Optimize Your Business Planning with SWOT Analysis
Friday, 11:00 AM

Matt Cuccaro

Sport Psychology
Saturday, 4:20 pm

Ken DeHart

20 Best Tennis Tips & Drills for All Levels
Saturday, 4:20 PM

Michelangelo Dell'Edero
courtesy FIT
Coaching Competencies for the Balanced Tactical Development of 14 & Under Players (with Donato Campagnoli)
Sunday, 8:30 AM

Dr. Doug Eng

Integrating Tactics, Shot Selection, Technique, Footwork, Anticipation & Court Position
Saturday, 1:15 PM

Pat Etcheberry
courtesy Etcheberry Experience
Using a Medicine Ball Workout to Improve Tennis Performance
Saturday, 2:15 PM

Mark Fairchilds

Understanding Singles Tactics in Today's Game
Saturday, 9:45 AM

Espen Foss
courtesy Norwegian Tennis Federation
Bridging the Gap Between Training and Competition
Sunday, 10:40 AM

Laramie Gavin
courtesy HEAD
Make Practice Fun by Applying Principles from Favorite Games
Sunday, 9:35 AM

Edgar Giffenig

Coaching Competitive Players - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Saturday, 1:15 PM

Steve Keller

2015 PTR Education Pathway
Saturday, 4:20 PM

Dr. Ben Kibler

Tips on Making the Serve a Weapon
Thursday, 3:25 PM
  Ask the Docs (with Dr. Mark Kovacs)
Friday, 11:00 AM 

Dr. Mark Kovacs
courtesy iTPA
Athletic Skill Development for the 12 & Under Tennis Player
Thursday, 4:35 PM
  Ask the Docs (with Dr. Ben Kibler)
Friday, 11:00 AM 

Michele Krause

Cardio Tennis - Proper Warmup & Cool Down Progressions


Dr. Domagoj Lausic

Mental Skills and Biofeedback in Tennis: Evaluate and Train with Measurable Results
Saturday, 5:25 PM

Linda LeClaire

The Confidence Factor: What Coaches Need To Know
Sunday, 10:40 AM

Bruce Levine
courtesy HEAD
Everything You Wanted to Know About Racquets But Were Afraid to Ask
Saturday, 8:30 AM

Dr. Jim Loehr
courtesy HEAD Penn Racquet Sports
Getting Your Story Straight About Competitive Pressure
Friday, 9:35 AM

Page Love

Nutrition for Injury Prevention and Injury Management
Saturday, 9:45 AM

Dr. Joy Macci

A-B-C’s of Baby Boomer Tennis Legends, Lessons, Links to ‘WIN’ in Tennis & Life!
Thursday, 9:30 AM
  JOS Women’s Winning Bio-Mechanics
Friday, 1:00 PM 

John MacDonald

Your Should Have a Website - Website Design for Beginners
Friday, 9:35 AM

Dr. Ashfaq Marghoob

Protect Yourself - Crucial Suncare Info for Tennis Pros
Friday, 1:00PM

Michael O'Keefe

Wheelchair Tennis for the Able-body Coach: How to start and maintain a Wheelchair Tennis program at your facility.
Saturday, 5:25 PM

Mark O'Neill

Building Decision-Making & Learning Skills in Juniors (8-12 years old)


John Ontal

Building Your Business with Social Media
Saturday, 5:25 PM

Craig O'Shannessy

25 Golden Rules of Singles Strategy
Saturday, 11:00 AM

Dr. Anne Pankhurst

The Orange Court - Developing the Appropriate Skills in Young Players
Thursday, 9:30 AM
  Programming and Session Planning for Differentiation at ROG
Sunday, 8:30 AM 

Conrad Pineau

How to Train 6 Competitive (Performance) Players on One Court
Thursday, 10:30 AM

Bill Riddle

How to Maximize Your Tennis Event with Targeted Marketing & Media
Thursday, 4:35 PM

Kathy Rinaldi
courtesy Wilson
Friday, 2:30PM

Hans Romer

Innovative Programming - Planning, Promoting & Executing Exciting Events at Your Club
Friday, 2:30 PM

Nick Saviano

Three Fundamentals That Will Transcend Time
Thursday, 3:25 PM

Lenny Scheuermann

The Naked Serve
Saturday, 3:20 PM

Jack Thompson

Theory & Fundamentals of Net Play for Singles

  A Better Model for Developing Female Tennis Players (with Mark Allen)
Thursday, 11:35 AM 

Josh Warren

Optimizing Performance Through Yoga & Sport Psychology
Friday, 5:00 PM

Dr. Bryce Young

The Power of Habit in Tennis Teaching
Friday, Feb 20, 11:00 AM

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