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Top 10 Reasons to Wear Bionic

1. Better grip in hot and cold weather

2. Secure grip increases racquet head speed

3. Reduces hand fatigue

4. Lighter grip makes grip changes easier

5. Lighter grip avoids muscling the ball

6. Wrist support adds stability without sacrificing flexibility

7. Reduces calluses and blisters

8. Sun protection

9. Save money on grips/overwraps

10. Once you use it, you’ll never play without Bionic Glove again!

The Birth of the Baseball Glove

The Major League Baseball player given credit for first using batting gloves might never have had such a distinction if not for his love of golf and the modest baseball salaries at the time he suited up.

Ken Harrelson, was a charismatic first baseman/outfielder with the Kansas City Athletics when legend dictates the batting glove originated. The right-handed-hitting Harrelson was a platoon player at the time and didn't think he would be in the lineup that night against a right-handed starter.

"We went out and played and went right from the golf course to the ballpark. I get to the ballpark and look at the lineup card, and I'm in there, hitting third."

According to Harrelson, the Yankees had switched from the scheduled right-handed starter to Whitey Ford, the left-handed Hall of Fame-bound hurler. Harrelson began to take batting practice when he noticed a blister forming on his left hand from the 27 holes of golf.

Realizing the golf glove was in his pants pocket, Harrelson put it on to get some protection for the blister. Thus, the batting glove was unofficially born.

"From that day on, I never hit again without one," Harrelson said. "That [glove] goes well with a blister, better than skin on bat, and then everyone started using them.

On the day that Harrelson first used the golf glove to protect his blister, he slugged two home runs. By Harrelson's account, the Yankees' bench jockeys got on him something fierce for using the glove.

"You can't believe some of the names they were calling me because nobody had done this before," said Harrelson with a laugh. "So, now the next day, the Yankees come out from the clubhouse and they go out on the field and all of them have red golf gloves on.

"[Mickey] Mantle had the clubhouse guy go buy a couple of dozen red All-Star golf gloves because that was the color I was wearing the day before. They all had red golf gloves, and that's how the hitting glove got started."

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