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Workshop Descriptions


PTR Certification and Education Workshops are the most successful training courses available for tennis teachers and coaches.  More than 200 PTR Workshops are conducted on five continents each year.

Workshop participants have varying backgrounds including: tennis teaching professionals, college coaches, middle and high school coaches, professionals making a career change, league tennis players, parents, etc. All workshops are led by specially trained PTR Clinicians.

Many workshop attendees join PTR months before the workshop so they can prepare for certification testing. PTR certification ratings are awarded to those members who pass all parts of the exam.

NOTE: Workshops are subject to cancelation if a minimum number of registrants are not met. A decision whether or not to cancel will be made at least one week prior to the date of the workshop. If you plan to fly to the workshop, please contact before making your flight reservation.

IMPORTANT: For the Certification Workshop, please review your study materials thoroughly before the event. If you are in need of additional assistance please contact Steve Keller at (843) 785-7244 or

10 & Under Certification
$120 if first certification
$195 if second, third or fourth certification (includes additional certification testing fee)

PTR is the only tennis teaching organization in the US that provides certification for 10 & Under. This workshop emphasizes the importance of creating a coaching environment in which children can play quickly. The course is divided into two parts: 4 hours of recommended preparation from the Study Guide, followed by an 8 hour on court workshop. The workshop prepares participants for the three part certification exam. Two parts of the exam (skills and teaching) are administered on court at the completion of the workshop. The remaining part - the online exam - must be submitted within 7 days after the workshop.

Elements of the Certification Workshop

  • Communication and organization skills for the coach
  • Structure and content of tennis lessons
  • Skills and game development for 10 & Under players
  • Serve, rally and score as quickly as possible
  • Appropriate competition for different ages
  • Information for working positively with parents

11 to 17 Certification
$120 if first certification
$195 if second, third or fourth certification (includes additional certification testing fee)

This workshop educates coaches on how to create an environment in which young people can play and enjoy tennis. The workshop includes communication and organization skills suitable for different ages in both group and individual lessons. The workshop also covers structure and content of lessons, how to develop leadership skills in young people and how to run successful camps. Appropriate competition for every player in the age group is also covered. PTR is the only tennis teaching organization currently providing certification to coach 11 to 17 year olds.

Performance Certification
$160 if first certification
$235 if second, third or fourth certification (includes additional certification testing fee)

The Performance Certification Workshop is for coaches who are coaching or who aspire to coach young players of potential or young players in the club who want to become high quality tennis players. A minimum NTRP rating of 4.5 is necessary to attend this workshop. PTR Certification at the Professional level and a recommendation from the clinician is a prerequisite for coaches who wish to progress to the Master of Tennis (Performance) program.

The objective of the workshop is to help coaches create and develop a performance environment in their club so players can develop their potential. Coaches are shown how to plan programs to meet the specific needs young players. The workshop includes coaching, organization and planning skills and is based on a lesson structure recommended for developing potential in young players.

The lesson structure includes appropriate warm up/physical skill development, game development, technical skill (using the age appropriate parameters developed with USTA) and competitive development in both singles and doubles and cool down. The PTR’s work on age appropriate development of young players is used extensively and underpins the content of the workshop. The workshop is 16 hours: four hours pre workshop online home study and questions, followed by the 12 hour on court workshop over 2 days to prepare participants for the certification testing. Two online tests must be completed: one before the workshop and another within 7 days of the on court certification testing.

Elements of the Certification Workshop

  • To learn, create and develop a performance environment
  • To design club programs that meet the needs of all players of potential
  • Communication and organization skills
  • Basics of performance technical skills and game development
  • Age appropriate competitive skills
  • Working with parents

Adult Development Certification
$120 if first certification
$195 if second, third or fourth certification (includes additional certification testing fee)

PTR is the only organization that provides on court training workshops in the United States to help you prepare for certification. PTR's Adult Development Certification Workshop is the industry leader in professional tennis teaching. The workshop is conducted on court with emphasis on the fundamentals of teaching group lessons, the development of biomechanically sound strokes, stroke analysis and corrections, and the logistics of organizing group drills. The course will prepare members for the five part certification exam. Certification testing will be administered at the conclusion of the workshop.

Elements of the Certification Workshop

  • To demonstrate and actively learn PTR’s process for group lessons
  • To display and discuss successful stroke analysis and corrections that can be applied to common stroke problems
  • To demonstrate specialty shot teaching progressions
  • To focus on qualities essential for successful coaching

Master of Tennis Courses: Junior Development, Adult Development or Performance
$1750 per each Master of Tennis Program

PTR Master of Tennis programs are designed to develop the knowledge and expertise of coaches to the highest and most comprehensive level in all aspects of coaching. The coach must already hold the Basic Certification at the Professional level for the appropriate pathway and meet the necessary requirements for Master of Tennis coursework. Each program has 18 courses, which are a mixture of online learning and home study, together with attending two on site modules of group study, and on court work with players. The coach must complete the program within two years. Assessment is continuous throughout the program emphasizing on court coaching, planning, worksheets, video analysis and project completion.

Instructing Wheelchair Tennis
$75 includes course materials

This course is for tennis teachers and coaches to augment their existing PTR certification with a certification to teach wheelchair tennis providing them with the skills required to teach wheelchair players and other special populations.

Workshop participants actually use wheelchairs in order to understand the special skills required to maneuver the wheelchair and to hit from a modified elevation. Mobility, stroke production and general wheelchair basics are all covered in the curriculum. Attendees will understand the components of chair construction, as well as learn that the degree of disability will vary with each wheelchair athlete.

The course is also valuable for rehab workers and Physical Therapy specialists who want to offer tennis as a rehabilitation tool.

This hands-on course is generally taught by Harlon Matthews, PTR Clinician of the Year, a Top 20 National Wheelchair Player in the A division. All attendees receive the course manual and additional resources for teaching wheelchair tennis.

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