Frequently Asked Questions

The new PTR education and certification pathway is designed to give teaching professionals and coaches a choice in their initial certification, as well as expand their base of knowledge. If you need more information, please contact us at 843-785-7244 or


1. Why did PTR reformulate its education and certification program after more than 30 successful years?
With the historic ITF rule changes affecting 10 & Under tennis around the world, PTR has sought to make an equally significant change to our education and certification system. On the heels of instituting a Master of Tennis Program, we have also created five (5) Level 1 Certifications to fit the needs of tennis coaches worldwide. 

• 10 & Under 
• 11 to 17
• Performance
• Adult Development
• Senior Development

2. What is the duration of certification preparation courses?
All PTR certification courses are a minimum of 12 hours in (on court and online prep). 

• 10 & Under: 12 hours of education (4 hours online and 8 hours on court)
• 11 to 17: 12 hours of education (4 hours online and 8 hours on court)
• Performance: 16 hours of education (4 hours online and 12 hours on court)
• Adult Development: 12 hours of education (4 hours online and 8 hours on court)
• Senior Development: 12 hours of education (4 hours online and 8 hours on court)

3. I noticed that the Coach Youth Tennis is now the third step in PTR’s certification process, what are the requirements?
PTR along with the USTA, USPTA and the USOC have collaborated on the development of Coach Youth Tennis. The Coach Youth Tennis program consists of six modules and an online workshop designed to provide teaching principles for US coaches working with children aged 10 and Under. Upon successful completion and verification by the USTA you will be eligible to complete official certification with PTR. There is a $15 fee to complete the Coach Youth Tennis Program. 
4. Do the new courses reflect today’s game? 
Absolutely, PTR stays ahead of the game and these changes enable us to give tennis professionals/coaches opportunities to learn new ideas and information.
5. I live in the US, but I am not a PTR member. What is the cost to become a PTR member?
Prices vary depending on when you join because your dues are prorated. For additional information please click here
6. How will the new certification system work for current PTR members? 
For current members, nothing will change. However, if you choose to add a 10 & Under, 11 to 17, Performance or Senior Development Certification and are successful, then your current PTR Certification will be transferred to Adult Development and your second Certification will be added. You will then have two PTR Level 1 Certifications with the possibility to add a third, fourth or fifth. 
7. I am a current PTR member in the United States. Besides my renewal dues for my current certification, what is the cost of adding another certification?
There’s a reduced one-time fee of $75 for study materials and testing, plus the cost of the workshop.

• 10 & Under: $120
• 11 to 17: $120
• Performance: $160 
• Adult Development: $120
• Senior Development: $120

8. If I obtain two certifications, is it possible to have a different rating in each (e.g., Instructor in Adult Development and Professional in 10 & Under)?
Yes, you can have two different ratings. 
9. What are the advantages of adding another certification?
You will receive quality training along with a targeted certification. This will make you more marketable, as well as more valuable to your employer, your students and to the game of tennis. It will also be a great confidence booster, and demonstrates that you believe in being the best you can be. Additionally, each certification offering fulfills the continuing education requirement. 
10. Are there any similarities between the Basic Certifications?
The similarities are minimal. However, each certification is designed to give coaches the most relevant training in that specific area. 

11. Will there be differences in testing?
All five certifications have a certification test. While the categories will remain the same, there will be differences due to variations in age and skill levels.
12. What is my time frame for taking the online test?
You will have seven (7) days to take the online test after finishing the exams administered on site at the workshop. Your certification will not be issued until after you complete your online test. If you take more than seven (7) days to complete your written exam, your final grade will be lowered one level.

Master of Tennis 

1. What are the Master of Tennis programs?
The MOT programs are advanced coaching education developed for tennis professionals and coaches seeking a higher level of certification. Each has an external assessment of skills, knowledge and abilities.

• Master of Tennis  - Junior Development
• Master of Tennis - Performance 
• Master of Tennis - Adult Development

2. How is it different from PTR’s Certification?
MOT programs take coaching education to a higher level. The five (5) Certifications set a valuable fundamental teaching base. MOT programs will provide an enhanced learning and growth opportunity through specific courses of study. PTR is seeking an external accreditation for all three MOT programs. 
3. Are there similarities between the three MOT programs?

A few parts of the content will overlap in all three MOT programs. For the most part though, the curricula are different as they deal with different subject matter.
4. What are the requirements to take an MOT program?
You are required to be a current member and have earned a Professional rating in the appropriate PTR Certification. You must also be coaching full time. Upon successful completion of the program, you are required to have 12 hours of approved continuing education per year. For a listing of acceptable continuing education courses, please refer to the Merit Achievement Program (MAP). 
5. How long does each MOT program take?
Earning a MOT qualification will take a minimum of nine (9) months. There are two practical modules with online learning before and after each. The first module is four (4) days in a selected city, followed several months later by a second four (4) day module. Some of the work will be done during your normal coaching hours. These programs take up to 200+ hours and participants may have up to two (2) years to complete the program.
6. How is online learning presented for the MOT?
Some of the learning is through worksheets and the development of different schemes of work. Analysis of match play and technical skills are through video of your own players. Additional work will continue through your current program lesson plans at your facility, as well as a written project. 
7. Are there any annual dues associated with the Master of Tennis?
No. The only dues are those associated with your membership.


1. How will the tennis industry and tennis facilities be informed about  PTR’s new Education and Certification pathway?
Through various levels of communication and advertising, the tennis industry and tennis facilities will be informed of the format and advantages of PTR’s Education/Certification pathway. The new pathway will benefit teaching professionals/coaches, their students, tennis facilities, and the sport overall. 
2. Is the USTA supporting PTR’s new education and certification pathway?
Yes, PTR has worked with USTA to ensure that coaches are trained within the parameters established by PTR and USTA.