Education / Certification Pathway

Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) is the only tennis teaching certification organization that offers targeted education, certification and qualifications. Which route you choose depends on the level and age group you prefer to coach, have experience in and/or whom you are primarily teaching.

In an effort to elevate the standards of tennis teaching professionals and coaches in the United States, PTR and USPTA agreed to Continuing Education Requirements. Effective January 1, 2014, both organizations require their certified members earn a minimum of 12 Continuing Education Hours every 3 years. Any one of the following educational events will fulfill the U.S. member Continuing Education requirement through December 31, 2016.

PTR Certifications: PTR has four (4) certifications to fit the needs of tennis teaching professionals worldwide: 10 & Under, 11 to 17, Performance, Adult and Senior Development. Due to knowledge needed, time and expense there is no one certification that encompasses all five areas. Please click here for additional information on each workshop as well as the Level III Program and Master of Tennis Program.

Level I

The new Level I pathway is a very comprehensive program to raise the bar on coach education.  Level I consists of 6 days of face-to-face education covering Jr. Development, Recreational/High School Development, Adult Development.  During the 6 days of experiential learning, coaches will be immersed in key topics vital to improving coaching knowledge, skills and behaviors. 

Topics covered will include:

  • Session Planning and organization
  • GDM (Growth, Development, Maturation)
  • Physical Development through ages and phases
  • Technical & Tactical Parameters
  • Competitive Structures
  • Effective Interaction and Communication
  • Setting Goals and Standards
  • Ethical Practice
  • Building Relationships
  • Reflective Skills

We are pleased to offer this very comprehensive foundational framework for coaches to enhance their education and coach competence.

Level III

PTR has introduced a new level of coach education, between PTR certification courses and the PTR Master of Tennis Program. PTR Level III Programs will be for coaches wanting to progress their coaching skills and knowledge beyond PTR certification(s), but who are not yet ready or able to attend a PTR Master of Tennis Program. Click here for more information

Master of Tennis

PTR Master of Tennis Programs develop the education and expertise of coaches who have completed the appropriate PTR certification course at the PROFESSIONAL level. Beginning in 2017, passing the corresponding PTR Level III Program will be required. Each PTR Master of Tennis Program includes 200+ hours of on-court work and classroom education. In addition, there are online courses and projects, including two (2) separate four (4) day face-to-face modules. Coaches are allowed two (2) years to complete the program. Completion is achieved by demonstrating competence on the basis of continuous assessment for each of the different courses in the MOT Program. The maximum number of participants for each program offering will be limited to 12.
External Accreditation for PTR:
United States Center For Coaching Excellence
  • 10 & Under Certification Workshop
  • 11 to 17 Certification Workshop
  • Performance Certification Workshop
  • Master of Tennis - Junior Development
  • Master of Tennis - Performance