International Master Professionals

PTR established the International Master Professional designation to recognize those individuals who have made significant contributions to PTR and the game of tennis throughout their careers. It is PTR’s belief that an International Master Professional should be a strong representative of PTR and the sport - to be known as a master talent developer, exhibit the highest ethical behavior on and off the court, and one who displays the highest standards of excellence in the tennis profession. It is expected that the applicant has shown growth in their knowledge of the game, a strong involvement in introducing tennis to their community, regional expertise in teaching and coaching, dedication to the mission of PTR and a commitment to developing professionally.
Felipe Alarcon (USA)
Leo Alonso (Argentina)
Kirk Anderson (USA)
Jorge Andrew (USA)
John Antonas (Bahamas)
Arthur Ashe (USA) *
Roy Barth (USA)
Chan Bearce (USA)
Lorenzo Beltrame (USA)
Luigi Bertino (Italy)
Marc Blouin (USA)
Luciano Botti (Italy)
Ludovit Cap (USA)
Donato Campagnoli (Italy)
Jorge Capestany (USA)
Doug Cash (USA)
Pete Collins (USA)
Leif Dahlgren (Sweden) *
Ken DeHart (USA)
Savina Diankova-Hamell (USA)
Joseph Dinoffer (USA)
Doug Eng (USA)
Jack Groppel (USA)
Karl Hale (Canada)
Rodney Harmon (USA)
Heikki Hedman (Finland)
Bob Helton (USA)
Gene Holland (USA)
Billie Jean King (USA)
Darryl Lewis (USA)
Jim Loehr (USA)
Doug MacCurdy (USA)
Ron Manilla (USA)
Anni Miller (USA)
Todd Miller (USA)
Jean Mills (USA)
Evert Olsson (Sweden) *
Anne Pankhurst (England)
Ajay Pant (USA)
Jimmy Pitkanen (USA)
Edvard Raastad (Norway)
John Raker (USA)
Alejandro Rossi (Chile)
Dan Santorum (USA)
Nick Saviano (USA)
Richard Schönborn (Germany)
Butch Staples (USA)
Shinichi Suzuki (Japan)
Tan Poh Seng (Singapore)
Scott Tharp (USA)
Jack Thompson (USA)
Dennis Van Der Meer (USA) *
Marco Vecchi (Italy)
Fernando Velasco (USA)
James Verdieck (USA) *

*deceased member