For career coaches who have successfully completed Level I and II. This course is ideal for program leadership who are responsible to oversee and contribute to the development and delivery of program content over multiple sessions. Coaches participating in this program should have the responsibly of designing staff development guidelines with measured success.
PTR Master of Tennis programs are designed to develop the knowledge and expertise of coaches to the highest and most comprehensive level, in all aspects of coaching. To attend a Master of Tennis program, the coach must already hold the respective PTR Certification and meet the necessary requirements to be accepted. Each program consists of 18 separate, but linked, courses.

PTR Master of Tennis – has received accreditation from USCCE - United States Center For Coaching Excellence.
It is a mixture of online learning and home study (using the PTR/LMS website), together with webinar modules of tutor led lecture room and on-court work with players. A maximum of 12 coaches will be accepted for each MOT program which must be completed within two years.
Assessment is continuous throughout the program and is based on on-court coaching, classroom work, worksheets, video analysis and project completion. The coach must be successful in each of the 18 courses to achieve the Master of Tennis qualification.

Master of Tennis Graduates

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Master of Tennis graduates receive their choice of a special Wall Plaque or a Court Banner  signifying their achievement.  Tomas Cater of Alabama, pictured here.