Merit Achievement Program (MAP)

PTR members are some of the most active in the tennis industry when it comes to seeking new information and furthering their knowledge of the game. A member who takes the time and effort to become a better teacher, coach, tennis director or manager should be recognized for his or her career advancement.

PTR's Merit Achievement Program (MAP) provides recognition for all certified members who continue to develop professionally. Click here for examples of some of the acceptable activities and their MAP credit hours.

The purpose of MAP is to:
  • encourage PTR members to continuously upgrade their skills and knowledge
  • recognize when a member has enhanced his or her career path with educational activities
  • allow PTR members to reach their Continuing Education requirement (US members only)
  • provide designation indicating to students and employers that members have additional education
  • recognize PTR members who continue to . . . Make a World of Difference

MAP Levels

MAP allows PTR members to enhance their certification with 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A or 5A levels of professional development. Members who have raised their standard through workshops, courses, conferences, online learning, degree programs or other educational activities, will be recognized for their dedication to professional development. Every certified member of PTR is eligible to participate in the program.

To qualify, members must meet specific continuing education hour requirements. Once a level is verified, members will be issued a certificate indicating their new MAP Level. Requirements for each level of MAP are:
  • 1A - requires a minimum of 100 continuing education hours
  • 2A - requires a minimum of 200 continuing education hours
  • 3A - requires a minimum of 300 continuing education hours
  • 4A - requires a minimum of 400 continuing education hours
  • 5A - requires a minimum of 600 continuing education hours

Obtaining & Verifying MAP Hours

MAP hours are obtained by participating in educational activities. To verify hours, the preferred documentation is a scan or copy of the certificate received from the activity. Other possible means to confirm participation may be an official name badge or letter confirming participation.

Eligible MAP Activities

Following are examples of eligible activities.
  • PTR International Tennis Symposium
  • PTR Certification Workshops
  • PTR Library
  • PTR Directors of Tennis Conference
  • USTA Coach Youth Tennis Program
  • ITF Worldwide Coaches Conference
  • USPTA World Conference
  • iTPA Education
As a general guideline, eligible activities are those that can further an individual’s knowledge of tennis coaching, sport science, tennis business, etc. PTR International Headquarters will have the final determination regarding eligibility of any activity.

Look for the MAP logo indicating that an activity qualifies for the PTR Merit Achievement Program. Please note, many eligible activities may not display the MAP logo, but do qualify for MAP hours.

Click here for examples of some of the acceptable activities and their MAP credit hours.

Submitting Hours for MAP

All MAP hours earned through PTR activities will be added automatically to your member profile. You do not need to submit documentation for any PTR activity.

All MAP hours NOT earned through PTR activities must be submitted. Please supply scans or copies of all supporting documents to verify completion. No materials will be returned.

If your submitted activities are acceptable, you will be notified via email. When you reach a new MAP level, you will receive a certificate by post.

If your submitted activities are not acceptable, you will be notified by email. You will be given an opportunity to reapply.

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