PTR is Passionate About Supporting the Growth and Success of Tennis Coaches
At PTR, our members inspire us to be innovators and break barriers for what is possible for coaches to achieve. As a USTA accredited organization, PTR has joined forces to elevate the resources available to coaches pursuing certification, enhancing the growth and success of your coaching career.

Why should YOU join PTR?
Since 1976 when famed tennis icon Dennis Van der Meer created the Professional Tennis Registry,
coaches from around the globe have looked to PTR to support both their personal and professional goals. Dennis believed everyone
should be able to play and enjoy the game of tennis and recognized that positive impact coaches had on the people they
coached if they have received the right training and education.
For over 40 years, PTR has embraced the values and beliefs that every coach should have access to the
most comprehensive menu of certification and continuing education products available.
We believe that our members should experience the highest success throughout their careers by having an
organization continually break barriers for what is possible for a professional to achieve.
Join the PTR family and see what world-class education, benefits, and service can help YOU achieve.

How to Get Started
Beginning January 1, 2021, PTR members have an enhanced certification pathway combining a blended
learning approach of online education and face-to-face interactive workshops. PTR members will be able to
view a full certification schedule with detailed times and locations towards the end of 2020. Coaches
looking to become certified for the first time will attend Teaching Essentials 1 (Certified Tennis Instructor).

Step 1: Join PTR Today

Step 2: Begin Your Certification Process

The Certified Tennis Instructor, designed for individuals new to coaching and working under the direction of
senior staff. The Certified Tennis Instructor is the perfect starting point for coaches looking to develop
fundamental coaching skills.

Coaches progressing through this pathway can expect:

  1. Online required courses
    • USTA Safe Play and Background check
    • First Aid/CPR
    • Coach Youth Tennis
    • USTA's Coaching Fundamentals
  2. Teaching Essentials 1
    • 14 hours (2 days) face-to-face education
  3. Complete required assessment

Coaches looking to further their education will progress to the Certified Tennis Professional pathway.

The Certified Tennis Professional, designed for career coaches currently leading programs or aspiring to. The Certified Tennis Professional is an in-depth curriculum equipping coaches with Knowledge, Behaviors, and Skills needed to enhance their career.

Coaches progressing through this pathway can expect:

  1. Online required courses
  2. Practical application while working with an advisor
  3. Teaching Essentials 2/3
    • Two (2) three (3) day face-to-face education
  4. Practical application while working with an advisor
  5. Complete all assessments and portfolio assignments

Professional Tennis Management

Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life!

The tennis industry is one of the most exciting and rewarding career paths with great options available both on and
o the court, and the Professional Tennis Management programs are your key to unlocking a successful career.
Whether you are looking to pursue a bachelor's or further your education with a certificate, there is a Professional
Tennis Management program that will meet your needs.