ME - Portland Girls Tennis Network Workshop

What is the Girls Tennis Network?

In most parts of the world, the number of girls playing tennis is not increasing. Most programs don't actually have a problem recruiting girls, but by 10 years old, it's approximately 1 girl to every 3 boys actively playing the game. By 12, more than 40% of those girls have stopped playing tennis altogether

Changing this is a job for all of us!
The Girls Tennis Network helps and supports coaches and facilities who want to meet this challenge. As part of this mission, we help coaches, regardless of gender, to understand and develop the skills to keep girls in tennis! Our simple principles and tools will help you to teach in a way that meets their needs and keeps them in the game for much longer.

Highlights of this workshop are:
You will receive two great digital resources to help you deliver great coaching in a great environment, and have the chance to join the GTN and start working together to make a difference! You'll learn to recognize the six fundamental needs of girls in sport. Open the door to key communication skills. Understand why girls are not all the same. Participate in a day of on-court action including, more than 30 core activities, competitions and games.

Get more girls in your program and keep them! Make your facility “the” place for girls to play! Develop your skills as a coach to make this happen!

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$97 for PTR Members
$159 for non-PTR members (includes a PTR Affiliate Membership)

Clinician: Kelly Anchors

Saturday, June 22, 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Apex Racket and Fitness 2445 Congress St Portland, ME 04102 USA
Online registration not available.

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