Fremont, CA Junior Development Level III Program

Junior Development Level III Program 
PTR Level III Programs are available to coaches who have obtained a PROFESSIONAL rating in the corresponding PTR Level 1 certification. PTR Level III Programs will be four (4) days in length. There will be additional coursework completed by the coach post course within a specified time frame. Assessment will be continuous and competence based (pass/fail). Specific domains covered during the Level 3 Junior Development Level III program are below.

1. Progress coaches from the Level 1 10u certification to a higher level of information and coaching ability on the red, orange and green court
2. Progress coaches from the Level 1 11-17 certification to a higher level of information and the ability to coach on the yellow court
3. Ensure coaches know what is possible for players to achieve on different courts 
4. Develop a high level of coaching skills, knowledge and behaviors to work with red, orange, green and yellow ball players
5. Enable coaches to develop the physical/technical/tactical/mental, emotional and social /competitive skills for red, orange, green and yellow ball players
6. Working with parents
7. Develop a greater knowledge of teaching doubles to junior players
8. Develop club programs, schemes of work and set goals for sequences of lessons

Programs and lessons
1. Red, Orange, Green and Yellow ball program structures in a progressive club system
2. Schemes of work and goal setting based on competencies for each age and stage
3. Progressive and sequential lesson plans with clear objectives that teach and develop singles and double play

Coaching Knowledge Areas
1. Athletic skill development and its relationship to technical skill development
2. What is possible for the players to achieve on each court
3. How players develop skills
4. Technical parameters and the process of technical analysis 
5. Tactical to competitive abilities in all game situations
6. Processes of cognitive, mental, emotional, social and competitive development
7. Growth, maturation and development 8. Working with parents

Coaching Behavior

1. Communication skills with individuals and groups 
2. Setting positive athlete centered environments

Coaching skills
1. Organizing coaching, players, and programs
2. Goal setting 
3. Evaluation and monitoring

Clinician: Brian Parkkonen

Program Days & Times
Day 1: Friday, October 11, 9AM-5PM
Day 2: Saturday, October 12, 9AM-5PM
Day 3: Sunday, October 13, 9AM-5PM
Day 4: Monday, October 14, 9AM-3PM
10/11/2019 - 10/14/2019
Fremont Tennis Center 1110 Stevenson Blvd Fremont, CA 94538 USA
Online registration not available.

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