Level 1 Virtual Certification (Instructor)

The new Instructor Certification pathway is your entry point for coaches looking for a foundation to develop essential coaching fundamentals.
The Instructor Certification consists of a combination of online materials and interactive virtual sessions totaling 20 hours in duration. The introductory
skills covering juniors to adults will be an immersion of experiential learning in key topics to improve coaching knowledge, skills and

Topics covered will include:

  • Session structure and

  • Group management 

  • Observation skills

  • Effective

  • Demonstrations 

  • Generating Feedback 

  • Introduction
        to technical development 

  • Technical interventions

  • Alternative feeding

  • Competitive games 

  • Successful camp formats 

Coaches will also be required to complete the following prerequisite programs:

  • Safeguarding

  • First Aid/CPR 

  • Coach Youth Tennis

  • 7 hours of Pre Course Materials online 

Instructor Certification pathway is for part-time coaches, young professionals looking to enter the industry and college players. This pathway is the ideal
starting point for coaches working under a program director assisting in the delivery of sessions. 


PTR Members: $147

Coach Developer: Milena Stephens 

Dates & Times: 

Tuesday, January 26, 10am - 2pm Eastern

Tuesday, February 2, 10am - 2pm Eastern 
1/26/2021 - 2/2/2021
Virtual Certifications USA

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