Making Tennis Available to Everyone

The Professional Tennis Registry Foundation was established in 1979, as the charitable arm of PTR. In order to pursue its aim of raising, administering and distributing funds for charitable activities, the Foundation was granted 501(C)(3) status as an educational foundation by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States. PTR has been granted 501(C)(6) status.

Each year, PTR members donate to the Foundation with their membership renewals. These funds are used for various charitable and research activities. Some of these charitable activities have included Boys and Girls Clubs, Adaptive PE Programs, National Junior Tennis Leagues, junior scholarships, seed grants to start community tennis programs and other worthwhile projects. The Foundation supports the PTR Wheelchair Tennis Championships and the annual Special Olympics Tennis Championships. The Foundation also sponsors wheelchair tennis instruction workshops.

Additionally, the Foundation sponsors free lessons and equipment distribution programs, such as Racquet Roundup. If you would like more information on the PTR Foundation grants, click here for a grant application , which will include biannual deadlines for submitting applications, and grant qualification requirements. Also, the Categories of Giving & Receiving  is available.

One of the PTR Foundation's missions is to bring tennis instruction and equipment to inner cities and rural areas where the opportunity may not otherwise be available to them. Through the Foundation, tennis programs have been developed in low-income housing projects, after school latch-key programs, at-risk youth programs and wheelchair tennis rehabilitation programs. As the sport of a lifetime, tennis can be beneficial in building a better future for these kids as well as a healthier lifestyle of wellness for all ages.

Each year, PTR members donate to the Foundation when they send in their membership renewals. Contributions to the PTR Foundation make a world of difference in making tennis available to everyone. Here are just a few examples: One of the Foundations missions is Global Goodwill. PTR Pro, Mary Tuchscherer recently went on a mission trip to Costa Rica. She helped teach tennis and English to kids at the San Isidro Middle School. Mary says, “Thanks again to PTR Foundation and all the PTR members who contribute to it. The racquets and balls you provided me with helped this tremendous community outreach program. San Isidro. The program of lessons was a huge hit. I was able to help the school teachers and parents learn how to work with the students too so my visit will have a lasting effect! But they do want me to come back again next summer!! Muy Bien!! Pura Vida!!! In addition, the PTR Foundation supports and promotes wheelchair tennis through player and instructor clinics, published materials and the PTR Wheelchair Tennis Championships. Over the past 15 years, Special Olympics Tennis has been on the roster of organizations that benefit from your contributions.

Racquet Roundup, a PTR Foundation program, collects used racquets for distribution to needy players and organizations. The racquets are restrung by the PTR Foundation with strings provided by Head. Racquets, shoes and balls are also given to organizations like Camp ASCCA, an Easter Seals camp that enables children with disabilities to enjoy recreation and outdoor education. Many other worthy organizations and programs have also enjoyed donations as well, including The Methodist Home for Children, Las Vegas Community Center and Wilson County Home School Tennis Clinic.

Father and Son members, Mike and Colin Fehr from Montana recently received a scholarship to help them attend the PTR International Tennis Symposium. They took back all that they learned and this made a tremendous impact on tennis in the Big Sky State.

This is just a sample of how contributions were used this year by the PTR Foundation. Ensuring tennis is available to everyone is the priority of the Foundation. It cannot be accomplished without donations. No amount is too small to contribute to growing the game of a lifetime. In addition, donors can help determine how their investment in tennis is used by earmarking donations to benefit a specific area such as wheelchair tennis, junior development or education scholarships to the PTR International Tennis Symposium.

Please include a donation to the PTR Foundation in your annual giving or along with your membership renewal. Your contribution will…
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PTR Foundation provides Equipment to help Puerto Rico get back out on the courts!

Despite any issues from Hurricane Maria, PTR Professional, Kamil Assad (Puerto Rico) and his fellow pros are pushing through and teaching tennis to anyone they can at Club De Tenis De Isla Verde! The PTR Foundation was able to provide balls and equipment to the facility.

The PTR Foundation was pleased to help support the renovation of the courts at Sweet Briar College. PTR and Dennis have a long history with the college as the summer site of the TennisUniversity courses. After collecting the majority of the funds needed, the college came to the Foundation for the final need. The courts will now be known as the Dennis Van der Meer Tennis Facility at Sweet Briar College.

Ted Salter, member, was a grant recipient this year of some equipment for his Tennis For Kids program.

Tennis for Kids LA was created to help more children get physically active through tennis.This is a tremendous initiative to encourage more children to be healthy and active and play tennis in parks and in schools..
Tennis for Kids offers tennis lessons at K thru 8 and Middle Schools during the school year and after school. 
Program Objectives: 
• Increase opportunities to learn and play
• Create recreational and competitive pathways
• Create pipeline for local high schools Increase fitness and fight obesity 
He received Red Balls Orange Balls Green dot balls 10 and under tennis racquets