To provide access to education, resources and support
You are considered an applicant until you complete the following requirements by August 31, 2020:
  • Background Check and SafePlay
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Level 1 Certification
Benefits of your internationally recognized certification
  • includes the Level 1 Workshop if attended before October 1
  • $6,000,000 Liability Insurance (until August 31, 2020 (2020/21 Liability Insurance will go into effect after successful completion of Level 1 certification)
  • All the benefits of membership 
  • Education Resources
  • Subscriptions
  • Conferences
  • Discounts
  •  See right side
  • Membership is prorated at joining
  • Annual Membership Renewal - $221
  • Coaches who complete the certification and education requirements will qualify for the 2021 dues grant 

USA Membership
and Certification

includes Initiation Fee & 
Membership Dues thru August 31, 2020
plus Level 1 workshop registration fee 

(includes $6,000,000 liability insurance through Aug 31, 2020
goes into effect once certified if not before Aug 31, 2020)

**Coaches have until October 1, 2020 to complete
certification and maintain membership
***Coaches who complete their certification and education requirements
will receive the 2021 dues grant

We can personally assist you at 843-785-7244.
We are available from 8am-6pm EST Monday-Friday. If you miss us, you can leave your name and number and we'll get back to you the next business day.