Background Check

New Requirement for all Certified Coaches in the USA

see below for sample
Thanks for helping us maintain a safe environment for our students.  If you have already taken a background check, please email a copy to PTR.   If you don’t have one, there are two easy ways to obtain yours.  

  1. Register for Net Generation at and you can complete your Background Check at no charge.   Forward a copy of your completion to

    This is a great way to get your background check at no charge, and you’ll also receive resources for your programs. 

  2. Or you can use National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI) to complete the process and PTR will be notified. The National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI) will notify the PTR as soon as your background check is complete. The fee for the NCSI screening is $23 which you can pay with a credit card during the screening. Please follow the directions below to start the process.         

    Go to and click on “Start Your Background Screening Now.” Complete 3 easy steps:   
    Step 1: Enter Self Registration ID Number: 88196688
    Step 2: Enter Your Information as Requested
    Step 3: Provide Legal Authorization and Certification 

It is important that you use your full legal name as written on your current ID (state driver’s license, passport or state ID with name and DOB).  Be sure to add to your list of acceptable domains in your email program to receive notifications.  

Once you have submitted your information, you will receive a confirmation page with a 16 digit Applicant ID Number. The background check generally takes 10 business days to complete.                              

Thanks for your cooperation in keeping our sport safe.  
We appreciate your participation in this important process.