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PTR has four (4) specialized certifications to fit the needs of teaching professionals. Which route you choose depends on the level and age group you prefer to coach, have experience in and/or whom you are primarily teaching.  The pathways can be taken in any order.  You are encouraged to obtain multiple certifications to become more specialized and experienced.  

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5/23/2019 Live WebinarSpecialty WorkshopUTR Events Certified Level 1 WorkshopSP052319LW
5/24/2019GAAtlantaAdult Development Certification A020219GA
5/24/2019ALFarihope10 & Under Certification T052419AL
5/25/2019GAAugusta10 & Under Certification T052519GA
5/25/2019ILOak Brook10 & Under Certification T052529IL
5/25/2019FLPalm Harbor10 & Under Certification T042019FL
5/25/2019GAKingsland11 to 17 Certification E051819GA
5/25/2019NCDurhamPerformance Certification P052519NC
5/25/2019FLMiamiAdult Development Certification A052519FL
5/30/2019NYWilliamsville10 & Under Certification T053019NY
5/31/2019NYWilliamsvillePerformance Certification P053119NY
6/1/2019AZChandlerPerformance Certification P060119AZ
6/1/2019MDBethesdaPerformance Certification P060119MD
6/1/2019CAClaremontPerformance Certification P060219CA
6/1/2019NYEast SetauketPerformance Certification P060219NY
6/1/2019CAFremontCoach Development DayGrowing Little Court WarriorsSP060119CA
6/1/2019MAWorcesterGirls Tennis Network GT060119MA
6/1/2019MAWorcester11 to 17 Certification T060119MA
6/4/2019WASeattleCoach Development DayGrowing Little Court WarriorsSP060419WA
6/5/2019MDCollege ParkCoach Development DayTennis NLPSP060519MD
6/6/2019MABostonAdult Development Certification A041819MA
6/6/2019TXIrvingAdult Development Certification A060619TX
6/7/2019ILO`Fallon (Greater St. Louis)10 & Under Certification T060719IL
6/8/2019MNEden Prairie10 & Under Certification T060819MN
6/8/2019CALos Gatos10 & Under Certification T040619CA
6/8/2019MSLaurel11 to 17 Certification E060819MS
6/8/2019SCHilton Head Island11 to 17 Certification E060819SC
6/8/2019MERockportAdult Development Certification AD050419ME
6/8/2019OHColumbusAdult Development Certification A050419OH
6/8/2019FLMiami10 & Under Certification P060819FL
6/8/2019GAAtlantaPerformance Certification P060819GA
6/8/2019MIWest Bloomfield TownshipPerformance Certification P060819MI
6/8/2019PAReadingPerformance Certification P060819PA
6/9/2019ARNorth Little Rock11 to 17 Certification E060919AR
6/12/2019CTGoshen11 to 17 Certification E061219CT
6/12/2019NYNew PaltzAdult Development Certification AD061319NY
6/15/2019CASanta Barbara11 to 17 Certification E060819CA
6/15/2019NCDurham11 to 17 Certification E061519VA
6/15/2019ILWheaton11 to 17 Certification E061619IL
6/15/2019MIEast Lansing10 & Under Certification T061519MI